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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know I need counseling?

“Where there is no counsel, the people fall; but in the multitude of counselors there is safety” – Proverbs 11:14

Only you can answer this question, but here are a few facts to consider. Counseling is beneficial for all of us, especially when faced with difficulties. The role of the counselor is not to fix your problems or tell you what to do. Instead, the counselor is one who comes alongside as you work through the situation; whether it is relational problems, personal struggles, or internal mind battles that you deal with. Seeking counseling is not a sign of weakness or meant to be a “last resort.” On the contrary, the Bible calls those who seek counsel characteristics such as wise, victorious, and peaceful.


How is Christian counseling different from secular counseling?

The clinicians here at CCGW are all licensed professionals who have been trained in the same programs as professionals in the secular field. However, we also believe in the Lordship of Jesus Christ and the all-sufficiency of the Bible. Therefore, we strive to approach each client from a Biblical perspective while using effective therapy models.


I am not a Christian, could I still receive counseling?

Yes, but please keep in mind that your counselor’s approach is based on Biblical principles


Do you take health insurance?

Yes, we take most major health insurances including Husky, Anthem, Cigna, United Health Care, and Aetna


What are your rates if I don’t have insurance?

 If you don't carry health insurance, we charge $75 per session


Can you prescribe medications?

No, but we can help you with the process of finding a doctor who can.


What can I expect during the initial session?

The first session begins with overviewing the intake paperwork which you can download here and print out at your convenience. Once this is reviewed and signed you are free to ask your clinician any questions you may have regarding our training, beliefs, and therapeutic specialties. The rest of the session is all about you and what brings you to counseling, helping us to get the big picture of your situation and beginning to set goals for therapy.


How long is a session?

Each session is approximately 55 minutes.


What do I do if I need marriage counseling but my spouse will not come in?

We encourage you to begin counseling on your own until your spouse is ready to join. Much work in couples, marriage, and family counseling can be done even if just one member comes. Oftentimes it’s when one makes practical positive changes in actions and attitude that the other spouse and/or family members make the decision to attend.


How do I get started seeing a counselor?

Please call us at (203)758-3570 or click                to send us an email requesting an appointment or to ask any questions you may have. We will return your call to discuss your availability and to set up your intake appointment.

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