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Amy Mueller, LCSW

Welcome to The Good Shepherd counseling! Taking this step is a courageous one and I pray that you will find hope and healing.
Thank you for reading my bio and I hope to share with you a bit about who I am and how I became a Christian Counselor.
I am the oldest of 5 kids and grew up in church. My childhood church provided a solid foundation and understanding of grace
and love and of the importance of a personal relationship with Jesus. I began my walk with the Lord here but by the time I
attended college, things had changed for me, and those years were unfortunately tumultuous and heart-breaking at times. I
fully understand what can happen because of bad choices or even what can happen because of other’s bad choices in this
world – the parable of the Prodigal Son has always been one that resonates with me! I also had a joyous reunion with my
Heavenly Father and am grateful for His grace and mercy that saw me through. Those years have not been wasted and I have
seen how God works through trauma and trials and how He heals. I became a counselor because of how I was helped by a
counselor, and I desire to see real healing and change take place in people’s lives the way I personally have experienced it.
I have worked in this field for a long time and received my Masters in Social Work from the UCONN in 2004 and became
licensed in 2011. I have extensive experience working with families and couples and enjoy working with individuals no
matter their age. I utilize Acceptance and Commitment therapy 
as well as Emotionally Focused therapy. I also use and have
training in Cognitive Behavioral therapy, Dialectical Behavioral therapy, and Motivational Interviewing. I love reading and
studying the Bible and love being able to blend my professional experience and credentials with my faith.  The Lord has blessed me with an incredible Christian man, and we were married in 2000 and had the privilege to be sent into the mission field here in the United States in 2009. In 2012 we welcomed our son home through the miracle of open adoption and now the 3 of us work together in our homeless ministry!  While my story has not always been a happy one and the journey has not always been easy – I have come to understand the height and depth and width of God’s love for me through Jesus. I have seen healing happen personally and professionally and would welcome the opportunity to walk alongside of you as you head towards healing.

God bless and keep you!

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